Values Adding Value: Measuring Benefits from Corporate Values

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Autor/in: Heiko Filthuth
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Jahr: 2019, Diss.
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Having corporate values is beneficial to a company; on this the academic literature does agree. But where exactly these benefits come from and how they can be measured remains cloudy. Since previous studies have addressed the relation between corporate ethics and financial performance, this research has a new focus on the identification of other benefits from the introduction of corporate values. Using primary data from 88 executives and approximately 1,700 employees of a group of service companies, 40 determinants were identified to measure benefits from corporate values. Proof was found that corporate values have substantial positive benefits beyond those already identified on the finance side. Results encourage researchers to continue investigating this field of leadership and leaders to monitor the introduction of corporate values carefully.




leadership; corporate principles; corporate culture; guiding principles; value based leadership

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