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Supervision in Homeopathic Practice

Investigation of the current state of supervision in homeopathic practice in Germany and development of a supervision model for homeopathic practitioners (Heilpraktiker - Homoeopaths) in Germany

Supervision in Homeopathic Practice
Karin Enders
Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Berlin
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This is the publication of a dissertation for the degree Master of Science MSc (Hom) as part of the MSc course Homeopathy at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK. Until now the status quo of homeopathic supervision in Germany had not been evaluated.
No investigation of models used in homeopathic supervision had been carried out and research into the development of an adequate model had not yet been conducted. According to the appropriate methodology the author conducted a systematic literature review. By means of a literature-based study the author investigated and evaluated the current state of supervision in homeopathy for Heilpraktiker-Homeopaths.
Supervision models were described, compared and evaluated. The author developed an appropriate model for supervision and offers, as a conclusion, recommendations for prospective homeopathic supervisory work in Germany.


Supervision, supervision in helping professions, supervision in homeopathic practice, personal and professional growth, improvement of quality, supervision models

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