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Generating Trust via Corporate Reputation

The Influence of Pharmaceutical Companies' Reputations on the Recommendation Behaviors of Physicians and Patient Organizations

Generating Trust via Corporate Reputation
Markus Renner
Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Berlin
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233, Hardcover
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Dr. Markus Renner examines the extent to which the reputation of pharmaceutical companies is relevant for building trust among their stakeholders and, furthermore, for their intentions to recommend these companies. The author develops a research model that reflects the links between pharmaceutical companies' reputations and the level of trust attributed to them by their stakeholders. The deduced hypotheses are examined via a survey of 605 physicians and representatives of patient organizations in key European markets.
The results reveal the components of reputation that have significant influence on the recommendation behaviors of physicians and patient organizations. The causal analytical method of the study allows the derivation of concrete measures and activities that contribute to the business success of global corporations. Its theory-based, and, at the same time, practice-oriented approach delivers valuable insights and concrete support for managers across all industries who are responsible for the good reputation of their companies.


Pharmazeutische Industrie, Vertrauensbildung, Unternehmensreputation, Produktqualität, Servicequalität, Innovationskraft, Marketingqualität, Managementqualität

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