The Passivum Divinum in the Gospel of Mark

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Passivum Divinum is not a new topic in New Testament studies. The term was coined approx. a century ago by Joachim Jeremias. Since then, Jeremias’ idea on Passivum Divinum has been taken for granted, that it is a Semitic linguistic style in avoiding mentioning the holy name of God. Only in the Gospel of Mark, there are at least 96 utilizations of Passivum Divinum appeared in 16 narratives. This book attempts to search how the Gospel of Mark uses the Passivum Divinum and the reasons behind its utilization. The result of this research is different from Jeremias’ suggestion. It is rather more complicated than just avoiding God’s holy name. It is used, at least in Mark, when the subjects are more than one, and these multiple subjects are a combination of God and Jesus, or God (or Jesus) and human beings.




Markus-Evangelium; Sündenvergebung; Wiederauferstehung; Gethsemane; Eschatologie; Königreich Gottes

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